Weight Loss Tips Take Less Than 30 Seconds to Execute

Everyone has a different theory when it comes to weight loss. “This exercise regimen will work wonders. That dietary supplement is magic.” But some of us prefer a more natural approach. Luckily, there are simple steps that can make life a bit healthier and our bodies a few pounds lighter.

weight loss tips

weight loss tips

Buy Teflon

Cooking on a nonstick surface allows you to skip the oil or butter (which has between 102 and 120 calories per tablespoon). Serving up lean meats and veggies will cut down on fat too (12 to 14 grams per tablespoon).

Brush, Brush, Brush

Brush your teeth as soon as you finish eating. This act will send a message to your brain that says, “No food shall pass.” Also, the minty-fresh taste may distract your taste buds from wanting late night snacks.

Take it in a Notch

Tighten your belt. It will help remind you to stop eating before you are uncomfortably full.

Take Advantage of Casual Friday

People tend to move around more if they are comfortable. In fact, a study showed that people who wore jeans took 491 more steps than individuals in business wear.

Remember Your Manners

Cut your food into small pieces. Not only will you be utilizing proper table manners, you will eat slower. This causes you to put the fork down before getting too full. Also, you will be visually tricking yourself into thinking you are eating more than you actually are. A recent study found that people thought piles of sliced meats and vegetable were 27% larger than food kept in one piece.

Step on the Scale

You might think you can judge how much weight you are losing without stepping on a scale. However, checking you weight loss progress each day (and keeping a log) is a very smart move. People who jump on the scale each day lose 12 to 18 pounds more than dieters who check less frequently.

Flax it Up

Flax can be a great low-calorie (35 per tablespoon) addition to foods like oatmeal, casseroles, and soups. The extra fiber will make you feel full longer and the heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids are an added bonus.

Make it, Don’t Buy it

Instead using diet-busting, pre-made salad dressings, make your own. Mix together 2 parts lemon juice to 1 part oil. For extra portion control, pour this DIY dressing into a spray bottle and spritz your salad.

Sit Here, Not There

When you are at a buffet restaurant, sit with your back to the serving area. The same advice goes for party attendance. When you are chatting with fellow party-goers, stand with your back to the kitchen. Keeping food in your line of vision is a constant temptation. On the flip side…out of sight, out of mind!

Use Hummus

Hummus is just as creamy as mayonnaise, but much healthier. The next time you want to jazz up a sandwich, reach for the hummus. This one simple change will save you 70 calories per tablespoon.

Keep Measuring Cups Handy

Instead of guestimating how large a serving size is, measure it out. For example, a serving of cereal should be one cup. By measuring your food, you will guarantee exact portion sizes and calorie counts.

Put Down Your Purse, Pick Up a Clutch

When you are going to a party, leave your hobo or shoulder style purse at home. Instead, take a clutch. If your hands are full, it will be difficult to hold both a plate and drink.

Pucker Up

Keep your lips coated with bright lipstick. You don’t want to constantly wipe and reapply, so odds are, you’ll avoid those sugary, messy foods. You’ll also probably eat much daintier and slower to keep your lipstick from smudging.

Perfect Polish

What do you do while watching television? Munch on potato chips? Instead, give yourself a mani-pedi. The polishing process is certainly enough time to get you through an episode of your favorite show.

Tackling controversial topics like, “Is hCG Safe?” is normal for blog writer Lindsey Gardner. While she enjoys playing devil’s advocate for such issues, natural weight loss strategies are her passion.

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