What make HABA Baby Toys so special?

Who is HABA?
haba toys

HABA is a Germany company belonged to Germany Habermaass Group. As early as in 1938, HABA has started making quality HABA baby toys for kids from children’s point of view. HABA is also one of the top 10 eco-friendly green toys company.

The core philosophy of HABA is designing suitable HABA toys for the children. This has never changed since the company was established until now. Today HABA has accumulated more than 60 years experience of development HABA baby toys and children’s furniture. The well-designed toys from HABA’s senior consultant and renowned experts make the kids can’t live without it.

What HABA Baby Toys Can Do To Your Child?
For the kids, playing games is a preliminary learning process. The children are able to discover the world around them through touching, listening, watching, feeling and understanding. A toy at home can only be considered as a good toy if it can provide a free space for children’s imagination and creativity. HABA is such a toy, which can lead the children toward the halls of knowledge. With the HABA toys companion, your children will spend their childhood happily and brilliantly as a gift.

HABA Product Categories
HABA products are divided into several major categories, there are more than 900 models of single items. All the wooden toys set are manufacturing from the Bad Rodach town in Upper Frankonia of Germany. The company always ensured on the product quality, and they have passed the ISO 1400 Standard (European Environment Standard) recently. HABA helps children to establish a secure and conducive environment. They are able to assist parents and teachers in the implementation of education programs, so that the children will get educated unconsciously by playing HABA toys especially haba blocks that can let the child to play building and stacking.

Is Haba Toys Safe For Children?
German Habermaass company has been acquired ISO 9001 and EMAS recognition. This indicates that HABA baby toys are ensuring toy safety. At the same time, it is fully consistent with the current environmental standards. All HABA Toys are in line with European standards for toy safety standards EN71.

For example: To manufacture a new wooden baby toys, HABA will select maple and beech wood as raw material, ecological mordant and water-based paints to ensure the safety of toys. Besides, HABA always ensures that the wooden toys are non-toxic, resistant to moisture and mechanical injury. All babies toys have received an independent certification body to ensure that your kids are staying away from low-security, potentially harmful toys and free from injury.

What Makes HABA Baby Toys A Good Toy?
Attractive Design and Full of Fun

HABA toys are great gifts for the toddler. They not only having attractive design, they also let children having a lot of fun by playing with the toys. That is the reason why HABA baby toys keep the interest of kids from generation after generation. HABA baby toys production standard and quality ensure their products are of timeless, suitable for all infant whether as baby boy toys or baby girl toys.

A Great Baby Educational Toys

For parents who want to get their baby some baby educational toys, HABA blocks, Haba Wodden, HABA Soft Doll Lukas, HABA ZigZag and HABA Olli are definitely a great choice with different style. These HABA toys will entertain your baby for hours while giving the stimulation they need for good brain development. These baby educational toys combine well-crafted wooden parts and soft parts made from 100% cotton. All the HABA wooden  baby toys are non-toxic and washable. Therefore, the wodden baby toys are absolutely safe for your babies even if they decide to test them out with their mouth.

If you have difficulty in getting these HABA baby toys at the regular baby toys stores, the best way you can do is to find them on the internet. There are plenty of HABA baby toys’ sites on the internet with variety HABA toys provided whether it is a brand new one, or used items. You can read on the reviews before buy in any baby toys. Always look for toys that have most positive reviews and you can barely be wrong for the choice that you make. For some suggestion, wooden toys are always fantastic gifts for all children.

In order to save shipping cost, is better to get few toys at one shipping rather than separate order. Sometime, you can get free shipping by a cart of quantity order. Check out more products of HABA baby toys.

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