Why Baby Loves Lamaze Toys?

lamaze toysLamaze toys is a famous toy’s brand in the world. This baby educational toys system is developed base on international organizations who recognized Lamaze philosophy.

Child development professional Dr. Jeremy from Yale University in United States and Dr. Dorothy cooperate to support the development of this system. All products are provided by experts from supporting information, data collection, listen to parents around the world for their children needs and comments.

Lamaze baby toys are dedicated to manufacture innovative and high-quality baby educational toys. At the same time, it focuses on the games values, benefits, learning activity, development impact and safety to the child. They also guide the parents on how to use the lamaze toys to achieve the desired effect at home.

Lamaze Toys Concept
As you can see, Lamaze baby toys and books series is created based on the Lamaze parenting concept. They encourage infant to interact with their parents to help the infant to create an intimacy and strong interaction with the parents.

Lamaze Infant Development System, according to well-known child development expert at Yale University, the study guide parents to choose for the suitable baby educational  toys for their baby. These lamaze baby toys are naturally accord with Lamaze theory that advocated proper parenting.

The Special of Lamaze Infant Development System Toys
Lamaze Infant Development System includes toys that suit for the new baby from age 0 to 3 year old. These lamaze baby toys will let your baby explore through the game, texture, sound and even music to learn about the world. Newborn babies need colors to stimulate better visual development, sounds to stimulate the auditory development, touch to stimulate the sense of touch, moving and exercise to stimulate the overall development.

Lamaze baby toys is great to help to lead the growth stage by helping baby to develop their first intelligence senses, body flexibility of operation and the establishment of self-perception such as the diversity of sensory development.

Combination of educational, entertaining, safety also trigger comprehensive development of babies. This system is complementary with the Lamaze’s “Play and grow” toy series. The nature of Lamaze toys is soft material, colorful graphics and cute design, which will attract babies’ attention and soon be loved by babies. It can stimulate babies’ imagination, develop their interpersonal interaction skills and the ability to enhance the expression of emotion.

Is Lamaze Toys Safe to Play?
This is the most concerned question by parents and highly searched by parents online from years to years. Yes, it is absolutely safe for your baby. Lamaze Toys care about your baby’s health. It passed all standards of safety test in the United States. It obtained numerous U.S. safety certification as well as 3C quality certification from China. Nowaday, Lamaze toys had won 150 international awards including the U.S. NAPPA “Federal Conservation publication” institution’s award, “Amsterdam News” award, IParenting media award, “Dr. Toy” award,  U.S. Family Evaluation Center award, “American Baby” magazine award, “Parenting” magazine (USA) award, “Innovation of the baby” magazine (USA) award, “Kids” magazine (USA) award, “Baby’s Language ” magazines award and etc.

Lamaze Play and Grow – The Reason Why Baby Loves Lamaze Toys
There are a lot of different lamaze toys to choose for your baby, you may no need to buy all the toys as most of the lamaze baby toys have similar features such as:

* Soft Plush Body that can crunch, rattles, squeaks and chimes, crinkles, jingles for developmental of auditory stimulation.

* Various Patterns, Textures and Colors to stimulate your baby visual and touch sensation.

* Peek a Poo Mirror for your baby to meet himself or herself.

* Rings or soft handles for baby to grab and play with.

* Tethered Rings/ Teething ring that is safe for your baby to chew.

* Cute, adorable and friendly big eyes designed to attract your baby attention and stimulate baby’s visual development.

* Portable Clip that can be perfectly fit to attach with other lamaze toys, strollers, car seats, pushchairs and even grocery carts. So that you can bring alone the toys anyway your baby likes.

Just shop for one lamaze baby toys, your baby will have fun for months or even years.
Lamaze Toys Category and Variety

There are many site in the internet selling lamaze toys online with a lot of customer satisfied feedback and reviews.  The price of lamaze is infact cheap and the cost of shipping also not expensive. Check out the details of each lamaze toys below:

lamaze panda lamaze bug lamaze musical inchworm lamaze freddie
Lamaze Panda Lamaze Bug Lamaze Musical Inchworm Lamaze Firefly
lamaze moose lamaze fishbowl lamaze first mirror lamaze lion
Lamaze Moose Lamaze Fishbowl Lamaze First Mirror Lamaze Lion
lamaze clutch cube
Lamaze Clutch Cube

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