Why Consider A Marquee As A Good Wedding Venue?

Dream wedding venues are usually beautiful but quite small; they’re great when it comes to the actual wedding ceremony but not so good if you want a lot of people at your reception. Many places aren’t very flexible either, they’ll tell you that they can hold a certain number of people and that’s it; most aren’t even willing to consider one or two more. However, there is a great solution, that can be just as glamorous as any location and it’s becoming more and more popular with many brides.

outdoor wedding venue

outdoor wedding venue

Most people would question whether it is possible to have everyone you know, beauty and perfect food all in one place when it comes to a wedding reception, but this is not something that should be questioned – at a wedding it should be a given. Becoming ever more popular is the idea of a reception in a marquee, purely because this offers the opportunity to have everything you want at your reception. Having a marquee offers great flexibility to any bride and groom; they can be decorated exactly as they want it and they can still have caterers to do all of the work, everyone they’ve ever known can be there and they can dance the night away in the traditional style.

It’s not always ideal to move your guests from one location to another – after all, there’s no telling where they may end up – especially if the two venues are a distance away, and ideally most people want all of their loved ones to be present when they tie the knot but some wedding venues just don’t cater for this. Having your wedding in a marquee may not sound like the most glamorous day but in fact it is. You can have a marquee as large or small as you like, there’s enough room – in a big one – to hold the ceremony at one end while also having it set out for the evening at the same time, or you may wish to have a traditional service at a local church and have the marquee in your own garden, at least this way people don’t have to travel far.

The only problem that you may encounter with a marquee wedding is if you don’t find a reputable company to erect and take down your marquee for you; you don’t want to get to the end of the ceremony to be told that the marquee’s still not up. These sorts of occurrences are uncommon but it is always worth double checking with the company to make sure they know exactly when they should be there.

If you’ve found the venue of your dreams but they just can’t cater for your needs then a marquee wedding is something that you should seriously consider; after all it gives you the best of both worlds, you can still have your ceremony at your dream venue and you can also have all of your loved ones there.

This article was written on behalf of www.marquee-vision.co.uk, by wedding planner Jean Davis.

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