Why Marquees Work as a Wedding Venue

If you’re planning a wedding, then you already understand how difficult it can be to find the right venue. More often than not, the perfect reception hall with the exact right specifications and customizable features doesn’t exist, leaving you and many brides in a frustrated panic to find space. Rather than giving in to the frustration and settling on a venue that lacks some of your desired features, why not consider using a wedding marquee instead? Wedding marquees offer the customization you want and will solve practical issues of space and guest capacity. The following outline some of the reasons why marquees work as a wedding venue.

wedding marquee

wedding marquee


One of the biggest concerns among brides is having enough space to both fit all the guests and have room for dancing and other activities. Most building venues boast this space, but when it comes down to it, you’ll find that certain aspects of the room, such as furniture and other obstacles, can’t be moved to accommodate your individual needs. With a marquee, you have total control over the spacing requirements because you can get as much or as little space as you need for your special day.

Not only does having the right space mean you can opt for that extra table setting, but it also means you have freedom to include as many guests as you want. Certain building venues can be highly restrictive in this regard because of fire safety codes or management preference. With a marquee, you choose the size of your venue so you can also feel free to invite who you want without making any sacrifices. Marquees offer a wide range of sizes and styles to accommodate your wedding and reception. They provide convenient flexibility instead of rigid restrictions.

Customization & Style

Have you ever fallen in love with a building venue, only to find that you can’t make any changes to its existing decor? This leads to unnecessary frustration. Every bride wants to feel special on her wedding day, and her venue should reflect this. Marquees offer total customization, from colors and decor to furniture and arrangement. These are not just square structures with little room for improvement; a vast array of marquees exist in different shapes and sizes, so you can personalize your venue to your heart’s desire. Physical venues offer limited choice when it comes to customization. You might have control over the table linens and select decor, but the building itself must remain untouched. Marquees break the cycle of monotonous wedding venues by allowing couples to choose their own style and personalization.

Practical Concerns

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, common wisdom dictates that you provide guests with a backup in case of inclement weather. Even if you’re an inside bride or groom, you still want to know that your venue can protect guests from an unexpected thunderstorm. Rest assured: marquees are guaranteed to withstand bad weather. Built of sturdy material and solid construction, wedding marquees are designed to protect you and your guests, whether from a dangerously hot day or a thundering rain storm.

Byrne Marquees provide a unique opportunity for your special day. They offer complete customization, optional space and sizing, and protection from dangerous weather. Ditch the traditional wedding venue box and step into the wedding marquee trend. More than just a beautiful tent, wedding marquees have become a trendy way to host weddings and other events in a convenient, customizable location.

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