Why We Choose Lamaze Lion?

Lamaze Lion

Lamaze Lion

There are a lot of baby toys, but isn’t great to get your baby the king of jungle – Lamaze Lion to accompany your baby to grow up!

Lamaze Lion, though it is small, it has 10 development features to entertain your baby. These 10 cool features of baby Lamaze Logan the Lion includes a fun roaring sound, a busy ribbon mane, textures and patterns, knotted tail, crinkles, clinky rings, star teether, floppy weighted feet and jingle.

This play and grow lamaze lion is suitable for a newborn baby until 24 months old. It is an adorable lion with friendly big eyes to attract your baby attention. It’s body is soft and snuggly, bright in color and has different textures for your baby to touch and feel. It also roars when your baby push its tummy, this will surely make your little one laughing a lot, and the bonus is that your baby can hold it as it can be easily grab by your baby’s hand.

Like almost all lamaze baby toys, it has portable clip perfectly fit to attach with other lamaze toys, strollers, car seats, pushchairs and even grocery carts.

Why wait now! This lion is surely worth your money to give it as a toy for your baby!

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