Why You Should Quit Smoking

There are lots of reasons to quit smoking as it will have an impact on your wallet as well as your health and fitness levels. Smoking is a difficult habit to give up, so it is important to cut back on the amount of cigarettes you smoke over time as a gradual approach is more likely to result in completely quitting than going cold turkey!

quit smoking

quit smoking

There is a lot of support available to help people quit smoking in the forms of groups and various technologies like inhalers and cigarette replacement devices which will help with behavioural habits associated with smoking.

Reduced Health Insurance Costs –

Quitting smoking can often reduce your health insurance costs as some Insurers provide a discount for leading a healthier lifestyle, this includes no-smoking discounts. Smokers tend to pay more for health insurance as they are at a higher risk of disease and illness than non-smokers. Quitting smoking can mean that your health insurance costs may be reduced. However it is important to find out whether your health insurance provider offers any such discounts.

Health benefits –

There are a number of substantial health benefits for quitting smoking which can include lowering of blood pressure and heart rate. This is due to the fact that heart rates and blood pressure increase if you smoke regularly. Carbon monoxide levels in the blood will decline over time; this is a health benefit as carbon monoxide reduces the ability for blood to carry oxygen, so over time blood will be able to transport more oxygen than previously. Circulation will improve when you quit smoking and your body will produce less phlegm. Also your chest will feel clearer and often coughs and wheezing which may be present can subside.

After several months of not smoking previous smokers can expect to experience improvements in lung capacity and improved breathing abilities.

Finally, recently quit smokers experience an improved sense of smell and more taste when eating food.

Lowers risk of cancer –

If a recently quit smoker remains a non-smoker for a long period of time (a number of years) then the risk of developing and dying from cancer will be reduced.

The risk of developing cancer from smoking is dependent on a number of factors such as:

  • The age at which they began smoking
  • The number of cigarettes they smoke each day
  • How long the smoker has been smoking
  • Whether or not they were ill at the time of quitting

For smokers who have already developed cancer, quitting smoking reduces the risk of developing a second form of cancer.

Saves money –

Depending on how much you smoke, quitting smoking can mean a sustainable amount of money saved. The price of tobacco and cigarettes has risen sharply during recent years and cigarette prices are often increased due to tax changes and inflation.

Lifestyle improvements –

Quitting smoking can also mean various aspects of lifestyle are improved. Clothes will no longer smell of stale tobacco. Skin and teeth appearance may improve over time. Quitting smoking will also reduce the risk of fire in your home.

There are a great number of positive reasons to quit smoking as it will improve the quality of your life, save you money and improve your health levels. Although quitting smoking can be challenging it is important to see the task through and there is a lot support and resources available to assist smokers who are quitting.

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