Would You Use These Wedding Themes?

A unique theme can be a great way to make your wedding a one-of-a-kind event. Of course there are also reasons why some themes are consistently popular (Winter Wonderland, fall foliage), while others are not so widely used. Take a look at some of the less popular wedding themes, and answer the question: would you use these wedding themes?

camo and ammo

Camo and Ammo: Some people really love hunting. Really, really love hunting. But does that make it okay to have a camouflage theme wedding? Imagine the bridesmaids in long camouflage dresses with little deer head bridesmaid pendants. And the groom could wear a safety orange vest and bow tie under his tux. Naturally the reception would be held in a hunting lodge that is liberally decorated with deer heads mounted on the walls. Personally, I think that a theme this extreme is a wedding don’t. If you really want to use your wedding as a chance to show your love of hunting, how about a groom’s cake with a hunting scene on it and a camouflage garter for the bride? Some ideas are best expressed in small doses.

Renaissance Faire: While it is true that vintage inspired weddings are in style these days, that does not typically extend to the full-on Renaissance Faire reproduction. Your bridesmaids would probably prefer not to buy long velvet dresses with those low square necklines (although the groomsmen might not mind seeing them in those dresses!). The chances are also strong that your guests would prefer not to be served their drinks in wooden goblets while eating giant turkey legs with their bare hands. This is not to say that a Renaissance inspired wedding could not be lovely, however. You could give your bridesmaids sets of jewelry created with tiny pearls and garnet colored crystals for a nod to the Renaissance. You could even hire a musician to play a lute for the ceremony. Keep in mind that the best vintage inspired weddings do not look like costume productions – the old styles should be interpreted with your own unique flair.

Superhero Theme: These days geek-chic weddings are actually a pretty hot trend, but there is something about men dressed in tights wearing capes that detracts from the dignity of the wedding ceremony in my opinion. I’m all for weddings being fun, but I do also think they should be at least somewhat elegant, and a superhero theme is too much like something you would see at a six year old’s birthday party. If you are crazy for superheros, a great way to incorporate them into your wedding tastefully would be to set up a prop station and a photo booth. Your wedding guests can have fun snapping pictures of themselves dressed like their favorite character, and you can look back on your wedding ceremony photos without saying, “What were we thinking?”.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse: There is nothing wrong with loving Disney. There is nothing wrong with having your wedding at DisneyWorld if that is your dream. However, I draw the line at the bride wearing a veil with Minnie Mouse ears on it (for the actual ceremony at least; on a Disney honeymoon it would be okay). Unfortunately this theme is made all too easy by aggressive merchandising of Mickey and Minnie wedding paraphernalia like cake toppers, unity candles, and invitations. I have even seen pictures of plush bride and groom Mickey and Minnie dolls tied to the front of a wedding limo. If you love Disney, go there for your honeymoon, just don’t let it completely take over your wedding.

Bridget Mora has worked with brides for years, offering advice on wedding planning, style, and etiquette. She is always fascinated to see how others choose to design their weddings; her wedding theme was “wedding” (with lots of roses). When you need jewelry for bridesmaids, be sure to check out the fantastic selection of affordable gifts at www.silverlandjewelry.com.

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